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The Dogtrot Mod:
Celebrating Modern Dogtrot Style, In Mod Cabin Form.

This sleek expandable cabin pod intertwines passive solar sophistication with a natural setting... Bringin' cabin outdoors-in philosophy to a smart growth urban corner lot or preserved open space near you.

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Modern cabin
Cottage plans furthered with SIP! Eco-friendly cottage!
two story cabin with modern design
SIP cabin stackable, expandable pods

ENCASe Study 1The Dogtrot Mod

Echoing vernacular southern housing, The Dogtrot Mod is ideally suited for warmer, rural and suburban environments with reasonable access to a southern exposure. The key component, an open court in the middle of the house, promotes natural ventilation and extends the living space to the outdoors.

A rain screen cladding system and detached roof system both further the building’s warm weather performance by deflecting direct heat gain before it hits the actual building envelope. Large glazed walls on the south are placed to take advantage of passive solar heating in the cooler months. In layout, an open floor plan with a large shared living, dining, and kitchen space directly off the court gives the interior a sense of grandeur while minimizing the building’s overall footprint.

A master bedroom is separated from the more public spaces by the kitchen/bath core and has direct access to a small office. The other bedrooms are separated from the main house by the court for additional privacy.

Cladding options include natural wood species, metal panels, cement fiberboard panels, and photovoltaic cells. Interiors can be upfit as desired with custom cabinetry or can utilize Ikea’s modular cabinet systems.

Modern siding and cladding
Dogtrot Modern Cabin Plans